Thursday, January 8, 2015

Warm me up baby!

Happy New Year!  T'is the season to wrap yourself up in a blanket and slow down.   The darker, cooler months are asking us to turn inward, slow down and warm up.   

The following suggestions are good for everyone learning about self care and especially important for those of you who have started a cleanse in the cooler weather. 

Another way to honor our Inner-G(inner guidance, inner guru, inner greatness etc.) during the cold season is to wear cozy, thicker materials and cover up.
Scarves, sweaters, socks, and hats: These work the best to keep the chill away.   We don't want to expose our bodies to the chilly weather to protect our immune system preserve our body heat.  
Wearing warmer colours: This is where colour therapy comes in.  Choose warmer colours and use warmer tones in your hair and makeup.  This is one of my favorite tools to play with when I consult with my clients. 

Warming foods:
One tip I am a big fan of is to not eat cold foods during the cold season as it is harder to digest and hard on our systems.  Wake up with a warm glass of lemon water to start off your day and cook all your foods well so they digest easily.  Save the ice, cold smoothies, and salads for summer.  

Below are examples of spices to put in your cold season dishes along with meal suggestions below.   
black pepper
chili pepper
cooked arugula, mustard greens and /or watercress with Himalayan or Celtic salt and spices
Himalayan salt
Celtic salt
lentil, mung bean, split pea soups are great with added spices above
stir fry's, stews, and baked veggies with plenty of olive oil and spices as well
baked apples with cinnamon, nutmeg, coconut oil and a dash of sea salt
Chai Tea Tonic as recommended on our group page for The 40 Day Green Cleanse is a favorite to drink several times a day.  Make sure to drink it hot. 

Body movement
Wake up and stretch: Your muscles, joint, and ligaments are more stiff during these darker and colder months. 
Slower workouts: Honor the body during the season as it is a time to slow down take it easy. Try yoga or tai chi to break up your routine workouts and invite your body to slow down.
Weight training: This is a great idea to build  healthy strong bones.

I highly advise to not beat yourself up as it is normal to put on 3-5 pounds of extra weight during this time because of our natural slowing down process.  You will naturally shed those little pounds as we approach spring. 
Sex: No explanation needed :) 
Lots of G-Love  
(Group love, Genuine love, Grateful love)
Family: Those special loved ones warm our heart and soul.  Take it slow, meet with your loved ones and really appreciate the soul connection.  T'is the season to connect and cozy up with those you love.

Self lovin'
Oils and Baths: Don't forget to love yourself up and slow down during the evening with soft music and a warm, nourishing bath.  I love Dr. Bronner's liquid rose soap with epson salt, rose pedals, clove frankincense and sandalwood.  You can also choose basil, bergamont, chamomile, clary sage,  juniper, lavender, marjoram, rose, rosewood, sage and ylang ylang.

I am honored to serve the almost 90 members on
The 40 Day Green Cleanse this January with this helpful info.  

Do you all have more warming recommendations for the colder weather months?  

Have a wonderful season
Lot's of G-Love~


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