Monday, September 8, 2014

my secret journal of reinvention

My personal adventure of reinvention on The 40 Day Green Cleanse might have appeared like my primary focus was to lose weight.

Yes, I lost 40 pounds (at age 40) and 47 total pounds since this blog post and picture, but what lies under the surface is a strong dedication for self growth and claiming my true power as a woman.

To be powerful, authentic, and dedicated to being the best I can be for myself, my family, and my son is my primary focus.  Honestly, the weight was just a cherry on top.


Here is my journey...

round 1

Mind:   I finally had the clarity to put sentences together that made sense when blogging.    I started new self lovin' rituals daily that made a huge impact on the way my days were lived day in and day out finding the connection back to self.    I went back to work at the studio on this round with my new focus. I was becoming more aware and writing in my journal about this internal and external process I was going through.  

I started a new business after this first round (yes, The 40 Day Green Cleanse) in response to what people wanted.  By now, I had created an entire new program including mind, body, self awareness practices along with an amazing list of green food list, coaching calls, group support, and recipes.  WHAT!?   It was a surprise to me because I never expected this direction I was headed towards in my business.  I went from devotion to self, to passing my new found wisdom and passion forward. 

Body:  I shed 19 pounds of fat and a considerable amount of inflammation was reduced.  The appearance of cellulite diminished greatly because of a better functioning lymphatic system.  I continued my routine I had started 5 months prior to this cleanse of working out 3 times a week.  I wasn't losing any weight until I began with this cleanse.  My digestion was working like clockwork once again.  The full nights of peaceful sleep was a huge celebration.   The sleep was a big gift since I was only getting about 1-3 hours of continuous sleep for one whole year prior to the cleanse.   I have a rhythm now that is connected to my true nature.  

Spirit:   I mourned the letting go of my "old self" and old beliefs around who I was.  I slowly became able to gather what it was to feel ALIVE again and feel my whole self as it should feel; Healthy, grounded, expanded and vibrant.   I found that connection to my "self" again, my new self.  My meditation practices were expanding and the sense of balance was starting to reflect in my environment.   I started to feel a part of community once again.  

round 2

Mind:  I had many moments of inspiration that kept coming.    I had done and led many cleanses in the past and I never intended it to be a part of my life in this way and at this time as a guiding force.   The effects of the 1st round cleanse were restructuring my career and it all took me by surprise  how much it had expanded.

I found cooking as a way to be creative and came up with all my new recipes that I was able to share with the first official Green Team in May and the second Green Team in June.   This is all so mind blowing in how fast this program and my new life was developing.  

Body:  I lost 16 extra pounds of fat on round 2 and more inflammation.  My body felt incredibly light, but yet grounded.  In over 20 years of cleansing, I have always felt my body light, but never grounded! My heart was expanding beyond what I have ever felt before and my heart was leading the way.

Spirit:  I connected more and more to receiving the guidance from my higher self; Directing me to the next step in my life.  I did not have the urge to control everything anymore.   I felt a deep sense of trust in my process, even though I did not know where I was going next in my life.   I felt like I was able to clearly channel the information I needed to expand my program and my self effortlessly.

round 3

Mind: I set an intention to really take it easier on this round and experiment with a maintenance level this time.  On this round, I started leading the 3rd official Green Team (there have been 4 total).  By the end of this round I was celebrating 85 official Green Team members, and I added more work/play to my day to day practice because I knew I  could take more on with my new found energy and growth.  

Body: I shed 5 pounds (and reached my goal of 40 pound weight loss total) of fat and started doing some weight training with Armando Hart, My husband.   I started building more strength and muscle definition.  My focus was not on cleansing as much as rebuilding this round as I am able to maintain and nourish my body with nutrients and minerals from the amazing food list.   I felt like I had reprogrammed myself to a new way of eating,  living, and embodying information. 

Spirit: I began unveiling some very deep rooted unconscious beliefs during this round that I thought I had dealt with years ago.  I experienced a new way of working with these emotional blocks as well.   This experience was emotionally ans physically intense and I felt my body and mind were strong enough to take on what what I chose to uncover.  My heart is incredibly full of compassion now after so much release.  It is truly incredible how much love and energy I have to share with the world now.

round 4

I have returned to edit this blog post and to announce I have shed 47 pounds of inflammation, toxins, fat and beliefs!  I am truly transformed and am in awe of this new found place I call my embodied life!  I am also incredibly honored to have guided over 220+ participants on The 40 Day Green Cleanse thus far.  96 amazing Green Team members are on our January/February cleanse as I write this.   Aligning to self has brought forth gifts that I consider miracles in my life.  I a truly touched. 

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From my Inner-G(Inner Greatness) to yours~  
Yve Hart

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