Monday, August 18, 2014

Health Rituals

Healthy living is not just about eating the correct foods day in and day out.  It is learning how to create daily rituals in your life so that you can learn to honor yourself as a complete, holistic being and unleash your full vibrancy from the inside out.  Without honoring your body, mind, and spirit, true balance and health cannot be achieved. 

My weight loss of 40 pounds could not have been attained without balance, awareness, and the practice of these important rituals below.  

Daily rituals for healthy living
Drink plenty of water
Get plenty of sleep
Surround yourself by community and people that believe in you
Laugh a lot
Incorporate your greens with every meal
Appreciate nature
Know your personal boundaries
Have fun in life
Reduce your stress levels
Eliminate added sugars
Stop calorie counting
Eliminate processed foods/low-fat foods/unpronounceable foods
Develop empowering self-talk
Get enough exercise
Eat nutrient rich foods that come directly from the earth
Cook at home vs eating out
Listen to your body's needs
Quiet your mind daily by meditation, a yoga practice, or alone time with nature
Practice self lovin'
Do a cleanse at least once a year
and repeat....

                                                          The local Green Team had a Green Party

These rituals may seem simple, but they can be challenging to many of us if we are out of balance.  I will give you the to tools you need on my program, The 40 Day Green Cleanse, to get a jump start on YOUR super vibrant life!  By the 40 days, you will have created the energy you need to start implementing what is important to feel your best everyday and you will be completely supported to live the best life possible with the amazing Green Team community no matter what state or country you live in. 

Join our growing Green Team community now and be supported by the most loving, supportive, and inspiring  people that are swapping an average existence for an amazing, healthy, and vibrant life!

To join the next 40 Day Green Cleanse on September 10th email me here.

In health,
Yve Hart

Completing the first 40 days I was left feeling like this.  Beyond that, I lost 19 pounds of inflammation, weight, toxins.

The second round I lost 16 pounds.  Read more here.  

Now, on my 3rd round as more of a maintenance and container to set forth important goals I have set out to achieve for my personal life.  I love being held accountable within a loving, compassionate community of folks. 
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