Wednesday, July 2, 2014

35 pounds less and MORE of ME!

My personal transformation on The 40 Day Green Cleanse is something to celebrate!  I have lost a total of 35 pounds since the start of the cleanse at  the beginning of March 2014 and I have more of ME to share!   

This cleanse has been more than losing excess pounds.  Beyond the pounds, I have gained an awareness that allows me to feel better about myself and feel empowered to live a more balanced life physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I lost a total of 19 pounds when I first went through the 40 days. I loved it so much that I chose to continue eating 50% green;  This is level 4 of the cleanse.  I never starved myself during those 40 days;  I ate delicious green foods that were prepared to taste better than what I expected.  In fact, I offer more than 25 recipes the Green Teams, and counting.  Read more about my first 40 days here. 

Last month,  I dedicated myself to the program once again while I facilitated and coached 30 individuals through The 40 Day Green Cleanse.  I moved to a level that allows eating lean meats and fish (level 3) in addition to the green fruits and veggies and I'm still managing to keep energy levels high and my health on point.  After all, I feel more alive than I have ever felt in my life!

Look at the image below and see what's possible at level 3.   My family also eats what I eat and they are all  happy and healthy.   I made my husband a sushi roll made with Ahi Tuna, smashed avocado instead of rice, baked sage zucchini, fresh cucumber, sprouts, and all served with a side of tamari sauce, wasabi, and ginger.   It was super yummy.   I wish I had a picture of my husband's face while he was eating it.  One of these days I'll capture it lol!

The card below says "Detoxification",  an auspicious message for the meal! 

I even managed to lose 16 more pounds even though I started hitting the gym and putting on muscle.  My husband creator of ZeroPoint Performance inspired me a few weeks ago to step up my fitness routine and start workouts with him in combination with the cleanse.  So, I am taking advantage of the offer.  Firm body, here I come!

For now, I am excited to continue eating the way I have for another 40 days alongside the July 23rd Green Team.  I make realistic commitments so I can always achieve success and engage myself in the reflections and inquiries that this program provides.     

This is my new green way of life and I love it!!!
My family loves it, I love it, and the Green Teams LOVES IT;  That's success to me!!!

If you would like to know more or join The 40 Day Green Cleanse program please e-mail me here.

In Beauty,

Yve Hart

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