Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What have I done for me lately?

After I completed The 40 Day Green Cleanse, I contemplated in my new found excitement. I asked the universe how can I inspire others on a deeper level to live the most beauty-full life possible, inside and out.

The universe answered my call through multiple clients, family members, and friends. The answer was to guide another powerful cleansing program. It resulted in expanding my career by including more "inner" beauty rituals such as one on one coaching and group cleansing. I asked, the universe responded, and I'm saying YES!

The 40 Day Green Cleanse is scheduled for May and June and filling up quick. Woot woot!

What have you done lately that has been life changing?

Below is a card I intuitively chose, and it's perfect on how I feel about our May Green Team!

Stand for yourself! Stand for one another!

In a group setting, we take a stand for one another. We have a safe place to hold ourselves accountable and share celebrations and struggles.

Day in and day out we are following through on our original intentions while being witnessed by our fellow team members. Group energy can help us overcome the challenges that may seem impossible to overcome on our own.

And, being part of a team is a blast!

In my world, cleansing is not just a fast track to lose weight. The 40 Day Green Cleanse program is intended to clear the way towards shedding more than just extra pounds in your life.

It is designed to bring strong creative energy to make enormous shifts by shedding unwanted energetic layers and old pattern that hide your powerful, creative, and authentic self.

For me, cleansing has brought better health, self love, self esteem, connection to my creativity while living an authentically joyful life; A life full of beauty.

It is about forgiving ourselves when we have been neglecting ourselves; It's about reconnecting ourselves and becoming lighter and more energized to move forward with ease and joy.

It is so exciting for me to be a witness of the transformations that will occur during this experience of cleansing while being a part of a group. You will know what I'm talking about when you see it happen in another!

When you sign up for The 40 Day Green Cleanse, you will be part of the secret Facebook page where I will share more detailed information, a shopping list, menus, a list of green foods, and recipes. There is also 4 group coaching calls on this journey!

Why attempt this alone when you don't have to. Cleansing could be extremely challenging and lonely when attempted solo.

This is an opportunity to love yourself deeper.

Email me for more information.

And, connect to The 40 Day Green Cleanse on Facebook

In Beauty,

Yve Hart

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

from ugly duckling to beauty~

When I was a small child I would always admire my mother's beauty.  I would gaze at her beauty with awe and hopes that one day I can be that beautiful.  But, I intuitively knew that her outer beauty did not match how she felt on the inside.   

I wondered what beauty really was.  My mother struggled with her inner battles and self esteem.  Her struggle would influence me growing up.  Is that why I felt like an ugly duckling?   I didn't know who to turn to for an example of a powerful role model. 

Below: Sister Susan (right) Our mother Vivian, and me (left)

How could my mother teach me self love if she never practiced that herself?   This has been my greatest challenge and biggest blessing. 

I have taken many wrong turns, but I learned that beauty is an internal devotion to self.  It is being "selfish" and taking time to honor my deepest desires and to take time to spend with myself.   It is balancing my family life, work life, and my private life so I can truly be happy and whole.

 It was the willingness  to unveil  false layers so my authentic beauty so it could rise up to the surface.     Beauty was learning to let go and love my mother in all of her imperfect perfections.  In that, I allow to love myself without judgments. 

Self image was also important and was a reflection of my inner dialogue; it was a catalyst to my self-esteem.   It works in harmony as a creative force for who I am.   Taking care of my outer body temple is an honor.  And, I am grateful to help others in co-creating an image that makes them feel ALIVE. 

In the darkest moments,  I discovered all the tools I needed to help me in the revelation of my authentic self.  These tools I use now to coach others who are in the journey of self-discovery.

I became coach that I am today by reconnecting to my self worth and beauty during my darkest times as that ugly ducking.   I thank my mother for being that reflection of where I needed to learn and grow in my own way.  I now help my clients as an Art of Beauty coach and image consultant by guiding them to live in beauty; Inside and out.                                      

Beauty is and always will be who I am.  Beauty is and always will be who you are too!

We do not need to find beauty. 

All we have to do is remember we are beauty!

The 40 Day Green Cleanse was a devotion dedicated to self.  I waited until I was done breastfeeding and I couldn't wait to give myself the gift of cleansing and self care.  Especially when I saw the ugly duckling coming back in from months and months of sleep deprivation that led to lack of self esteem and some other issues.      I needed to stand in my radiance and breathe in my power again.  My brain fog lifted and energy came back.  My hormones felt balanced once more.  I felt alive again!

As a result of my inner and outer work,  I finally feel I have landed back into my radiant body again 19 pounds lighter in 40 days!

Now, I can give more of my beauty to my son, my family and my clients and the world!

Self love is beautiful and priceless and can influence your children for a lifetime.   I am honored to be guiding 2 groups  May 21st and June 3rd on The 40 Day Green Cleanse.

Would you like to join us? 

Please email me for more info.  

In Beauty,
Yve Hart

* I started The 40 Day Green Cleanse almost 11 months after I gave birth and was finished nursing.  

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