Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fierce 40!

After I completed my program- The 40 Day Green Cleanse,  I was jumping with joy with the flood of responses I received from the last blog post 40 days of self lovin'.  The many responses were from people interested in accomplishing what I accomplished for myself.  I am wholeheartedly dedicated to helping all these individuals because I believe in the power of cleansing.   

I received e-mail after e-mail from inspired individuals requesting to join the next Green Team!  Due to the amount of responses and interest, I have decided to add an extra starting dates to the cleanse.    Now, we have a team in May and one in June!  

Getting my game on!
Why did I need a cleanse to feel this this amazing and look this good?  Internally there was an inner ROAR to get my game on!   I wanted to feel and look amazing and embrace my "new" image. 

 I am FIERCE at 40 years young and lovin' it!

Below is a picture of me right before I became pregnant with my son RaYa.  The picture beside it was taken 4 months after the birth of my son.   During that time, I felt tired, heavy, disconnected from self, and not so fierce.  Nevertheless, I loved myself and was hopeful and optimistic that I would once again be that radiant woman walking confidently on the beautiful beaches feeling alive full of energy.   I could not wait to shower myself with more time and energy for self lovin'. 

Almost 11 months later I was able to start The 40 Day Green Cleanse.  (see pic below) Besides cleansing my body of toxins and losing excess body weight,  I gained the ability to focus on creating a conscious connection to self and the energy to redirect my life in the most aligned and inspired  new way.  After all, I am reborn again!

I completely believe in the power of taking care of yourself because it allows to fully give yourself to others.  I now find myself giving all of "me" to my son and my husband because I have been giving fully to myself. 

 I am dedicated to serving as an example for my son by showing him that Mommy takes good care of herself so she can be the best Mom for him; But that doesn't stop him from challenging me to stay true to myself.    When I find myself in those times of making that difficult choice of putting my needs to the side to cater to him, I think about the example I'm being for him and the importance of lovin' self.  I have seen too many cases where "mom" fully gives to her family, and in the process puts here needs to the side.  I became so excited when I received interest from mothers and fathers requesting to join the team!

 I hope that we can all pave the way for our children and future generations.  

Would you like to lose weight,  feel amazing, look radiant, and connect to your personal stream of aliveness again?

In beauty,
Yve Hart

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