Wednesday, April 16, 2014

40 days of self lovin'~ The 40 Day Green Cleanse

I feel radiant!  I just finished The 40 Day Green Cleanse and feel amazing.   There are so many diets and cleanses out there; it is so fun to find the right one at the perfect time when my body and soul was nudging for some healing and self lovin' practices.   I could not wait to start!

I am excited to share with you all my transformation pictures below.  Sometimes it helps to see the physical transformation that took place in my body.  Take a look at the layers that I shed!  Most importantly, the transformation also occurred on the inside.  I am now souring in absolute clarity, high natural energy,  and radiance!  I am certain that cleansing with intention in combination with a self lovin' ritual is one of the most powerful experiences that I've had.  I dedicated this special time to me and nourishing parts of me that wanted to be seen and expressed and released.  Especially, after a baby!  I felt my body took a beating with all those sleepless nights.

I am able to do more fitness classes,  more yoga, more creative time for me, more play time with Raya and more home cooking; all this is possible because of my increase in energy.  Not to mention more time to create my new coaching practice.  This new found energy came effortlessly and before, it felt like I was using my reserve energy to exhaustion.   

Here is proof :) if ya need it.
Cleansing is not just about the food and the changes that occur in the body.  Cleansing gives us the opportunity to set an intention that can bring about realizations for everlasting change while developing healthier eating habits.  It also gives us the opportunity to create community and help others going through their powerful transformation.  The weight that is shed is just the cherry on top! 

I have led many cleanses in the past.  And, I have been asked many times over to guide a cleansing group once again.  This cleanse has given me the realization that I'm ready to say YES!   I am an example of the changes that can occur when you make the decision to cleanse with an intention.  My desire to help transform lives by guiding people through an intentional cleanse rose to the surface of my awareness and I can't wait to get started.

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In Beauty,
Yve Anumi Hart
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