Friday, February 14, 2014


The journey to Re-Birth Self in January was a calling from within  to find a reconnection to my inner child (intuitive/CreaTive self).  This integration is one of the most important things I can ever do in my life.  Working with my inner child is not new to me.  But, I did lock her up in the closet for a while.  This time around I had a good reason to put "Lolita" to the side; I had just given birth to RaYa and "Lolita" would understand right?  My logical mind took over after months and months of sleep deprivation.

What inner child?

After my amazingly delightful reconnection to Lolita in Tulum, I ask how do I profess my love for her while keeping the balance in my life back at home?   Daily, I tune in and see what that joyous, innocent, tender part of me wants to communicate.  I spend time caring and nurturing myself but also dancing, drumming, singing, CreaTing just for the fun of it!   I tune in to life.  It is not a 3D world when we are in full force.  It is muli-dimentional!  In Tulum I purchased a crazy little creature toy to gift "Lolita" and it reminds me that everyday is a magical day whenever my inner child is acknowledged!  With this integration I am in perfect alignment to receive messages from spirit and be in the flow of life!

Tonight's Full moon (February 14th, 2014) is in Leo and it is all about tuning into our inner child and being FULLY YOU!  Are you having a tantrum today because its Valentines Day and you're spending it by yourself?  Or are you skipping down the street holding hands with your "Lolita" experiencing the playful nature of being joyfully silly?   I know that if I didn't spend 7 days on retreat and ignored my inner calling because of logical minded financial fears or "the right thing to do as a mama", I would be sitting here resentful and without energy.  The love for myself is NUMBER ONE!   My CreaTive fire has been re-ignited by simply reconnecting to the child within me and therefore having a love affair with source!   Read more about the full moon here!  What is your inner child saying? 

My world does NOT revolve around my son or my husband~  
Yes, I said it.  My own conscious connection to Spirit and alignment to my inner child is the foundation for having a happy life; it is my life force and keeps every aspect of my life in balance.   ENLIGHTENMENT is about being in light or "lightening" up.  Be light.  Be joyous.  Be in the FLOW of life.  Be your true self.  My son and husband are having so much fun Co-Creating with me and there is so much more of me to share with them!  And so much more to CreaTe in this magical life of mine!

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant, we have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."~Albert Einstein.  

This quote reminds me to stay in balance!

Yve Hart
                                                                  great fun in Tulum
                                                              Lolita loves Sleepy Sheeepy
                                                    Lapis Lazuli Jaguar Warrior, a gift to
                                                            my sacred partner (Razmus)
                                         and a red pouch for me to hold my magical findings.
                                                          Dancing with the Goddess
                                                           Play time with the girls!
                                                     Forever in my hearts ladies! AHA~
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