Thursday, January 30, 2014

Re-birthing SELF

I pressed the "reset", ready, set, GO! 

I was in steamy darkness, my body dripping with sweat, and I am curled up with my nose touching the damp earth.  My heart was racing faster than a drum beat, and I felt secure, afraid, alone, surrounded by love, confused, held and protected.   "Am I on fire?", I asked myself.  The voices were loud like the sound of birth, death, celebration, fear, excitement, orgasm, and other-wordly vibrations that I could not identify.  

 I was exactly where I needed to be. 

"Earth my body, water my blood,  Air my breath,  and fire my spirit!"; the words of the Temazcalero (shaman) singing in the "hot womb".   Interestingly enough, the female voices from within surpassed his (the shamans) voice and we gently filled up "our" own womb space with a feminine, gentle touch.  A new "me" passed through the dark tunnel and was born from within the fire and darkness. This Temazcal (sweat lodge) experience was a rebirth for me.  It was the beginning of my new life!

When I am crystal clear with my intentions, it the universe always supports me! 

My re-birth journey to Tulum was full of adventure.  As well as a perfect balance of discipline, intention and ceremony.  My days included kundalini yoga, nature, ritual, Chinese tea ceremony, Dream Crafting, and on our last night Temazcal Ceremony (a synchronistic re-birth ceremony) to top it off.   Not to mention, I got to be off the grid in one of the most amazing places in the world with 8 other magnificent women who were all a new gift and mirror for me.  Since I am the Co-CreaTress of my world, this trip was necessary for me to align with the FIERCE TRUTH of my existence and what is next in my magnificent life.  This escape to re-align with my new dreams was necessary for me, my husband, and my nine month old boy, RaYa.  This journey was a calling to my soul and I had no fear of taking this journey on my own to be the best version of "me" for me and everyone!   (Well, maybe I had a day of old crappy fear and guilt!)  Have you ever heard a pull so strong and so clear that you couldn't ignore it?

What did my son RaYa think of all this?  I just kept telling him that Mama is going away to bring all of us something very special. I had no idea what that was though!   I knew that the attention and love I wholeheartedly gave to my son had to be balanced.  I had put myself to the side (just for a bit) while giving all of my love and attention to my boy.   Of course!  Although, A re-balancing was needed. I would communicate this to my son (also telepathically) and RaYa understood.  My journey lasted 7 days and I really got to touch those sensitive areas in my life where I needed to FULLY let go.   I started listening to ALL of me; Including my inner child.  My inner-child had been begging to express herself.  The inner-child has the power to sabotage our lives if we don't satisfy it's needs BTW!  "Lolita" (my beloved inner crazy, young, soul child) loves to play and create!  Without her those mindless, magical, crazy and playful experiences wouldn't exist in my life!

It does make sense that my CreaTive pull to get moving was a beckoning call to be still with self, nurture, listen, and start Co-CreaTing again with all parts of me.  All in tune to my new vibration and vision. There is more JUICY love and joy here for all of us!  AND MORE FUN!

In Juicy LOVE,
Yve Hart


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