Friday, December 26, 2014

Simply show up~

Before you continue reading, I would like to mention that I am here to play on a big scale and live a big life.  In times of  insecurity, my mantra of living big slowly starts to fade into an oblivion and a dark cloud of anxiety and self-doubt slowly hovers over me to remain there forever.....well, it seems like forever. 

Growing a business and a brand for The 40 Day Green Cleanse and being a wife and mother is full/overtime work; Even with an amazing team of people and amazing family on your side.   

 I had a push and pull moment of letting everything go and to just quit! 

Photo Credit: 
Starla Fortunato 
Art Direction: Lisa Steadman

But in those moments of despair, my mantra of living a big life stayed alive in a tiny spark of hope; As it always does.

I had a photo shoot scheduled and also on the agenda for the day was to host my free call on how to Awaken Your Inner-G(Inner-Greatness, Guru, Guide, and Green).
I had a build up of excitement leading up until the day before.

All the excitement turned into fear and anxiety.  It's not like I haven't led calls before or have been the focus of a photo shoot.  But, with my business booming and so many people wanting to jump on board, I felt like I was fully responsible of delivering the right message to so many people.   Honestly,  I just felt overwhelmed!

I had to tend to my business, prep for my photo shoot and my call, all while my son was sick and crying all day long.    Can any mother relate?  To add more, I was also recovering from catching my sons cough and congestion and my moon time came this day!  Oh yeah- and I was tending to my husband who just had knee surgery and had been bed-ridden for days!

Ok, I had come to an opportunity to follow what I help others remember.
Follow my Inner-G(Inner Guidance, Guru, Greatness!)

I had to make a choice and reschedule my call even though it felt like the world was over!   No matter what choice I made, people were going to be let down.  I don't like this feeling of not honoring my own word. 

I closed my eyes and went to sleep.   My next test came on the morning of the shoot when I woke up and I had a puffy face, fat belly from my menstrual cycle, swollen lymph nodes, and half of my voice missing.  Oh what a pretty picture I was going to make.

I made the choice to simply show up and trust my team of 7 that had so diligently worked for hours on end to get this amazing project/photo shoot prepped just right for The 40 Day Green Cleanse.  They had all prepared and were excited for this day.   

I feel that we should celebrate these times of darkness and despair no matter how hard it is because "shitty" times are usually accompanied with a gift.  After tuning in, deeply listening, majorly freaking out, and finally surrendering, I made the decision to honor my intuition and gift myself the space and time I need to breathe, embody, and honor my Inner-G.

The tiny spark that was the container for my mantra of living a big life turned into a light show at the photo-shoot.  No matter how difficult it was for me to show up, I showed up and my team took care of the rest.  The experience was magical and I couldn't have wanted it any other way.

Gulp, this still brings up tears to my eyes.  I am proud of myself. 

In the moments of darkness remember to connect to your Inner-G.  You can always trust that! All you have to do is show up.

Happy Holidays everyone and see you in 2015 and I can't wait to show you the end results of the photo shoot! 

Lot's of G-Love!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cheesy Vegan Cauliflower Mash and Green Herb Cauliflower Rice~ Happy, healthy holiday dishes!

Just out!  A new addition to our Green Team Family!  And, it's not GREEEEN!


The white cauliflower has won entrance onto our approved list for The 40 Day Green Cleanse.  It's patiently waited all year on my "maybe" list to be recognized and added to our green family next to its sister romanesco (green cauliflower).  Romanesco worked well for our green family in the past but it is seasonal and impossible to find in the west coast during the holidays. 

And, with a gentle suggestion from a member, it is here!  Thanks, Marlene for the push :)

Yup!  A super delicious and nutritious vegetable that is alkaline, full of vitamin K, anti-inflammatory, and highly cleansing.  Cauliflower is a super amazing addition and can be made into our 2 holiday favorite faux potato and rice dishes for people that really like rice and mashed potatoes but prefer a healthier option or are on our cleanse. 

Here are two of many possible ways of cooking with cauliflower that you will find on my upcoming e-book.  

Cheesy Vegan Cauliflower Mash
1 head of of cauliflower 
4-6 garlic cloves
2 Tablespoons Nutritional Yeast
1/2 teaspoon sea salt 
2 Tablespoons fresh chopped rosemary 
2 Tablespoons fresh chives
2 Tablespoons olive oil
dash of pepper

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.  Place the garlic cloves in foil and drizzle them in olive oil and a sprinkle of salt.  If you are using rosemary you can create a separate pouch for the  rosemary as well so it becomes aromatic and easier to eat.   Close the corners on both of them and create an airtight pouch for roasting and place the pouches on a baking sheet.

Chop the cauliflower into florets and spread them out on the same baking sheet as the garlic and/or rosemary.  Roast them for about 35 minutes stirring them occasionally or until they are slightly browned.

Allow the cauliflower and the garlic to cool for 5-10 minutes.  Peel the garlic and place both the garlic and cauliflower florets in a Vitamix or a food processor.  Add salt, nutritional yeast, and olive oil.  Pulse until the texture looks like mashed potatoes.  You may have to use a temper to get it evenly mashed.

Once you achieve the desired texture, add the rosemary and/or chives and fold into the mash.  You may roast the mash one last time to brown the top (optional).

I love to drizzle them one last time with olive oil!  

~take a deep breath and savor each moment~


Green Herb Cauliflower Rice 
1 head of cauliflower
4-6 garlic cloves
1 cup chopped green onions
1/2 cup chopped cilantro
1/2 cup chopped parsley
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
a dash of fresh black pepper
2 Tablespoons coconut oil
Juice of 1 small lime
1/2 teaspoon of red pepper flakes (optional)

Chop the head of cauliflower into small pieces.  Add the pieces of cauliflower in 2-3 batches to a Vitamix or food processor and pulse until the consistency look just like "rice".  I take a small portion at a time to make it easier until all the cauliflower is done.    

Heat a skillet on low/medium heat with 1 Tablespoon of coconut oil.  Add the green onion and garlic for 5 minutes stirring occasionally.  Add the other Tablespoon of coconut oil and cauliflower rice and stir for 5-7 minutes until the rice feels soft. 

Add the cilantro, parsley, salt, black pepper, lime juice and red pepper flakes and stir for 3-5 more minutes until you see the rice looks fully cooked.  

Remove from heat and serve.  

mmmmmm, just like rice~!


Yve Hart

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Holiday goodies: "Matcha Green Tea Balls"

This is the coziest time of the year to commune with friends, family members, and your favorite foods.

A common question I get asked by people that are on The 40 Day Green Cleanse program or from  people that are health conscious is,  "Yve, what foods do we eat around the holidays?"

My response is "Cleanse or no cleanse, the first priority should be to focus on the heart connection between loved ones."  The energy of love fills our heart with warmth and reduces stress levels.  We tend to eat heavier foods when we're under stress.  So now we have another reason to be in LOVE!

As far as food goes,  choose the foods that are organic, delicious, whole foods that are abundant in healthy energy and that keeps your body feeling alive and vital. 
Oh yeah~ and it has to be tasty too!

Below is a recipe for our (level 2) food list on The 40 Day Green Cleanse that will soon  be released on my upcoming my e-book :)  enJOY

Matcha Green Tea Balls

 I just love the combination of Matcha Green Tea and cardamom together in a bite size green dessert.

What you need:
1 1/2 cup raw pistachios
1/2 cup sultana raisins (soaked in hot water for 20 minutes to remove any toxic sulfur)
2 Tablespoons brown rice syrup slightly melted
1 tsp. coconut oil
2 teaspoon Organic Matcha Green Tea powder
Seeds from 3 pods of cardamom
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup of hemp hearts for the outer coating of the balls

Food Processor/Vita Mix, cookie sheet,  one glass plate,wax paper, medium glass or plastic bowl, small spoon.

Start by pulverizing the nuts in a food processor or Vita Mix on low speed.   Grind them for a few seconds to leave them evenly chunky vs. too powdery.   Remove the sultana raisins from the water and pat dry with a paper towel before adding them into the blender.   Then add raisins and all the rest of the ingredients all but the hemp seeds.  I like to melt the brown rice syrup beforehand in a glass jar immersed in hot boiling water for 3-5 minutes so it mixes easier with the rest of the ingredients.

Blend the mixture of ingredients on a medium setting.  You might need assistance with a tamper to get it even.    It will be thick and sticky.

Spoon out the ingredients onto a bowl.  I use a small spoon to measure each serving as I start forming each ball one at a time.  Set them aside on a clean plate.   When I have all the balls complete I pour the hemp hearts on a baking sheet covered in wax paper so I have a clean, flat working space.  I then place each molded ball over the hemp hearts covering them completely.  I am rolling and pouring hearts over each ball as I continue to work with each one like I am working with clay.

When all of the balls are complete I roll each ball once more making sure they are completely round and perfectly covered in hemp hearts.

Then place them on a serving dish.  Chill for at least one hour before serving.
Keeps in refrigerator up to one week.

close your eyes~take a deep breath~savor each moment~

Created by Yve Hart

***Find out about our new addition to the Green Team food list next Monday!
Clue:  Something that tastes like mashed potatoes?

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Friday, October 24, 2014

A transformational worth talking about~

We just finished another round of The 40 Day Green Cleanse.  I would love to share Marlene's success story with you all. 

"When I first heard about Yve Hart's success, I was very interested in her transformation. I had been trying for months to change things for myself. After my father died in 2013, I began to gain weight rapidly.

I also felt exhausted all the time. It was difficult to work out, because I felt as if I had no strength. I was uncharacteristically irritable. I tried doing the things that had always helped me to detox, slim down and feel great. But nothing was working. I was practicing a strong vinyasa yoga practice 4 days a week, eating fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and still I was gaining weight. Then I stopped sleeping well and began having heart palpitations on a consistent basis.

I was a yoga teacher, but I couldn’t take a deep breath. I went to my doctor and she recommended I do “something different” She wanted me to eat even less fat (good or bad) and change up my exercise routine. I tried walking and slow jogging but I was exhausted.

I was looking for something very different when I saw Yve’s first before and after picture. I was unhappy and felt unhealthy, even though I was living a relatively healthy lifestyle.

I have been through the 40 Day Green Cleanse three times now. But the biggest change I felt happened in the first 20 days. Within the first week, I lost enough of the swelling that was in my body that I could take a deep breath! I felt more calm than I had in a long time.

Once the initial detox period passed, I felt energetic. I felt like my eyes could see more clearly, my thoughts were easier to organize. I felt alive and clear for the first time in so long. I had not even realized how cloudy my mind was, until it wasn’t anymore! I was hooked!

 Since that initial cleanse, I have transformed in many ways. This cleanse has helped me drop much more than 32lbs. It has helped me move forward in my relationships, in my personal and professional development, and in finally attaining goals I have so long strived towards.

Essentially, it is for me as if I have reversed time 10 years physically and allowed myself space to attain the goals I had set for myself so long ago. I continue to move toward meeting more and more goals. There is still so much work to do. But I know that now with this new found energy and connection to my own spirit, nothing is out of my reach."

Marlene Martin
Green Team member 2014

Thanks to Marlene for being so open to share her story with us.  This may help so many others to make big changes in their lives.  It may even help save someones life!  Yes, it is that powerful~ 

To find out more how you can join the October 29th Green Team email me here.  
You may have a transformation worth telling a story about.

Yve Hart

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Full moon eclipse of disaster or opportunity?

                                                                     Art: "Closer" by Nicolas Hall

This full moon eclipse (blood moon) brings us all an important time for reflection in our lives.  It can bring up old patterns that can bring destruction and stop us from shedding light on our new creations and moving forward as our new selves.   These times can bring unrest, fear, doubt, anger, detours, and stir some really deep emotions around in our heads.   

Is this a recipe for action over triumph in achieving our dreams or destruction with distraction?

I am on the verge of a big breakthrough in my own business at this moment and I am choosing to create something new for myself and the world.  How I respond to my old patterns can make me or break me.  Period! 

Is there fear or ego trying to get me to keep hiding under a rock?   I think so! 

It is clear and evident I am moving towards a big breakthrough because I am witnessing so many "gluttonous" tendencies that are showing up for me during this full moon/eclipse time. My old patterns have tried over and over again to distract me from my success this week in looking for new material objects to buy or spending my time helping others achieve success on their personal projects instead of my own.  "But, I neeeeed those shoes!".  Or, "I would feel really great helping this person in need out today".

These patterns were present in my world in the past as the shiny gems that filled my life with pleasure, giving me the false sense of fulfillment and temporary relief from a vulnerable call to action that I knew I had to take.  All those shiny objects and illusions always appeared so beautiful and meaningful.  But, in the end, my heart was still yearning to make a difference in the world.  Did I mean to destroy myself on purpose?  Perhaps.

The 40 Day Green Cleanse has been here to support my everlasting change and growth during this whole year as I move more and more in unveiling my true self.   I have achieved breakthrough after breakthrough with leading this program and being deeply immersed in it as a curious student for my own transformations.   This green adventure has helped me in revealing more of my authentic beauty and guiding me to my true north as it has for so many others on the Green Team.

The time is now to find a way to spread this message on a much larger scale so many more people can experience the gifts that so many have received this far.  This is going to take a team of people and a courageous heart to speak up loud and clear about my message.   This brings up fear and resistance and I am willing to break through this with a ROOOOARRRR! 

This old game I used to play will not help me touch the deepest part of what my heart wants to express to all of you.   But, I do thank it for this amazing message I chose to blog about today as I have been blocked from writing to you for weeks!  We can turn what seems to be a disaster into amazing new possibilities by calling out the unconscious acts into conscious choice.
From lead to gold nuggets.

Are you honoring the shifts, transformations, births, and rebirths in your lives as your new selves?  Or are you allowing illusions to take over so you can keep from breaking though?   

I call upon you to gain a greater sense of clarity on your truth and authenticity around living your unleashed and wildest dreams. 

I love you all and see you on the Green side!
In love,

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Monday, September 8, 2014

my secret journal of reinvention

My personal adventure of reinvention on The 40 Day Green Cleanse might have appeared like my primary focus was to lose weight.

Yes, I lost 40 pounds (at age 40) and 47 total pounds since this blog post and picture, but what lies under the surface is a strong dedication for self growth and claiming my true power as a woman.

To be powerful, authentic, and dedicated to being the best I can be for myself, my family, and my son is my primary focus.  Honestly, the weight was just a cherry on top.


Here is my journey...

round 1

Mind:   I finally had the clarity to put sentences together that made sense when blogging.    I started new self lovin' rituals daily that made a huge impact on the way my days were lived day in and day out finding the connection back to self.    I went back to work at the studio on this round with my new focus. I was becoming more aware and writing in my journal about this internal and external process I was going through.  

I started a new business after this first round (yes, The 40 Day Green Cleanse) in response to what people wanted.  By now, I had created an entire new program including mind, body, self awareness practices along with an amazing list of green food list, coaching calls, group support, and recipes.  WHAT!?   It was a surprise to me because I never expected this direction I was headed towards in my business.  I went from devotion to self, to passing my new found wisdom and passion forward. 

Body:  I shed 19 pounds of fat and a considerable amount of inflammation was reduced.  The appearance of cellulite diminished greatly because of a better functioning lymphatic system.  I continued my routine I had started 5 months prior to this cleanse of working out 3 times a week.  I wasn't losing any weight until I began with this cleanse.  My digestion was working like clockwork once again.  The full nights of peaceful sleep was a huge celebration.   The sleep was a big gift since I was only getting about 1-3 hours of continuous sleep for one whole year prior to the cleanse.   I have a rhythm now that is connected to my true nature.  

Spirit:   I mourned the letting go of my "old self" and old beliefs around who I was.  I slowly became able to gather what it was to feel ALIVE again and feel my whole self as it should feel; Healthy, grounded, expanded and vibrant.   I found that connection to my "self" again, my new self.  My meditation practices were expanding and the sense of balance was starting to reflect in my environment.   I started to feel a part of community once again.  

round 2

Mind:  I had many moments of inspiration that kept coming.    I had done and led many cleanses in the past and I never intended it to be a part of my life in this way and at this time as a guiding force.   The effects of the 1st round cleanse were restructuring my career and it all took me by surprise  how much it had expanded.

I found cooking as a way to be creative and came up with all my new recipes that I was able to share with the first official Green Team in May and the second Green Team in June.   This is all so mind blowing in how fast this program and my new life was developing.  

Body:  I lost 16 extra pounds of fat on round 2 and more inflammation.  My body felt incredibly light, but yet grounded.  In over 20 years of cleansing, I have always felt my body light, but never grounded! My heart was expanding beyond what I have ever felt before and my heart was leading the way.

Spirit:  I connected more and more to receiving the guidance from my higher self; Directing me to the next step in my life.  I did not have the urge to control everything anymore.   I felt a deep sense of trust in my process, even though I did not know where I was going next in my life.   I felt like I was able to clearly channel the information I needed to expand my program and my self effortlessly.

round 3

Mind: I set an intention to really take it easier on this round and experiment with a maintenance level this time.  On this round, I started leading the 3rd official Green Team (there have been 4 total).  By the end of this round I was celebrating 85 official Green Team members, and I added more work/play to my day to day practice because I knew I  could take more on with my new found energy and growth.  

Body: I shed 5 pounds (and reached my goal of 40 pound weight loss total) of fat and started doing some weight training with Armando Hart, My husband.   I started building more strength and muscle definition.  My focus was not on cleansing as much as rebuilding this round as I am able to maintain and nourish my body with nutrients and minerals from the amazing food list.   I felt like I had reprogrammed myself to a new way of eating,  living, and embodying information. 

Spirit: I began unveiling some very deep rooted unconscious beliefs during this round that I thought I had dealt with years ago.  I experienced a new way of working with these emotional blocks as well.   This experience was emotionally ans physically intense and I felt my body and mind were strong enough to take on what what I chose to uncover.  My heart is incredibly full of compassion now after so much release.  It is truly incredible how much love and energy I have to share with the world now.

round 4

I have returned to edit this blog post and to announce I have shed 47 pounds of inflammation, toxins, fat and beliefs!  I am truly transformed and am in awe of this new found place I call my embodied life!  I am also incredibly honored to have guided over 220+ participants on The 40 Day Green Cleanse thus far.  96 amazing Green Team members are on our January/February cleanse as I write this.   Aligning to self has brought forth gifts that I consider miracles in my life.  I a truly touched. 

Please go to my website for more info

From my Inner-G(Inner Greatness) to yours~  
Yve Hart

Monday, August 18, 2014

Health Rituals

Healthy living is not just about eating the correct foods day in and day out.  It is learning how to create daily rituals in your life so that you can learn to honor yourself as a complete, holistic being and unleash your full vibrancy from the inside out.  Without honoring your body, mind, and spirit, true balance and health cannot be achieved. 

My weight loss of 40 pounds could not have been attained without balance, awareness, and the practice of these important rituals below.  

Daily rituals for healthy living
Drink plenty of water
Get plenty of sleep
Surround yourself by community and people that believe in you
Laugh a lot
Incorporate your greens with every meal
Appreciate nature
Know your personal boundaries
Have fun in life
Reduce your stress levels
Eliminate added sugars
Stop calorie counting
Eliminate processed foods/low-fat foods/unpronounceable foods
Develop empowering self-talk
Get enough exercise
Eat nutrient rich foods that come directly from the earth
Cook at home vs eating out
Listen to your body's needs
Quiet your mind daily by meditation, a yoga practice, or alone time with nature
Practice self lovin'
Do a cleanse at least once a year
and repeat....

                                                          The local Green Team had a Green Party

These rituals may seem simple, but they can be challenging to many of us if we are out of balance.  I will give you the to tools you need on my program, The 40 Day Green Cleanse, to get a jump start on YOUR super vibrant life!  By the 40 days, you will have created the energy you need to start implementing what is important to feel your best everyday and you will be completely supported to live the best life possible with the amazing Green Team community no matter what state or country you live in. 

Join our growing Green Team community now and be supported by the most loving, supportive, and inspiring  people that are swapping an average existence for an amazing, healthy, and vibrant life!

To join the next 40 Day Green Cleanse on September 10th email me here.

In health,
Yve Hart

Completing the first 40 days I was left feeling like this.  Beyond that, I lost 19 pounds of inflammation, weight, toxins.

The second round I lost 16 pounds.  Read more here.  

Now, on my 3rd round as more of a maintenance and container to set forth important goals I have set out to achieve for my personal life.  I love being held accountable within a loving, compassionate community of folks. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

35 pounds less and MORE of ME!

My personal transformation on The 40 Day Green Cleanse is something to celebrate!  I have lost a total of 35 pounds since the start of the cleanse at  the beginning of March 2014 and I have more of ME to share!   

This cleanse has been more than losing excess pounds.  Beyond the pounds, I have gained an awareness that allows me to feel better about myself and feel empowered to live a more balanced life physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I lost a total of 19 pounds when I first went through the 40 days. I loved it so much that I chose to continue eating 50% green;  This is level 4 of the cleanse.  I never starved myself during those 40 days;  I ate delicious green foods that were prepared to taste better than what I expected.  In fact, I offer more than 25 recipes the Green Teams, and counting.  Read more about my first 40 days here. 

Last month,  I dedicated myself to the program once again while I facilitated and coached 30 individuals through The 40 Day Green Cleanse.  I moved to a level that allows eating lean meats and fish (level 3) in addition to the green fruits and veggies and I'm still managing to keep energy levels high and my health on point.  After all, I feel more alive than I have ever felt in my life!

Look at the image below and see what's possible at level 3.   My family also eats what I eat and they are all  happy and healthy.   I made my husband a sushi roll made with Ahi Tuna, smashed avocado instead of rice, baked sage zucchini, fresh cucumber, sprouts, and all served with a side of tamari sauce, wasabi, and ginger.   It was super yummy.   I wish I had a picture of my husband's face while he was eating it.  One of these days I'll capture it lol!

The card below says "Detoxification",  an auspicious message for the meal! 

I even managed to lose 16 more pounds even though I started hitting the gym and putting on muscle.  My husband creator of ZeroPoint Performance inspired me a few weeks ago to step up my fitness routine and start workouts with him in combination with the cleanse.  So, I am taking advantage of the offer.  Firm body, here I come!

For now, I am excited to continue eating the way I have for another 40 days alongside the July 23rd Green Team.  I make realistic commitments so I can always achieve success and engage myself in the reflections and inquiries that this program provides.     

This is my new green way of life and I love it!!!
My family loves it, I love it, and the Green Teams LOVES IT;  That's success to me!!!

If you would like to know more or join The 40 Day Green Cleanse program please e-mail me here.

In Beauty,

Yve Hart

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pass the hemp!

Several weeks ago I became inspired to write about one of my favorite oils I am suggesting to my clients to use on my program; The 40 Day Green Cleanse.

I love discovering new foods that will produce amazing benefits for everyone during and after the cleanse.  Hemp oil is one of those new discoveries. 

In my 21 years of cleansing,  I always seem to learn something new.  Hemp oil has  never has been inside my kitchen or bathroom drawers until now.

I can use hemp oil in two ways. I can take a shot of hemp oil daily or cook with it on low/medium heat.  It adds a nice nutty flavor to all my green dishes.

I also use it on my daily self lovin' ritual by adding it to my favorite essential oil blend and massage the mixture straight into my half dry skin after a shower, feels like heaven!

And, no it won't make you high!

Why I love it....

  • Nourishes dehydrated skin while giving you a youthful look
  • Helps maintain muscle mass (highly beneficial for cleansing)
  • It contains the optimal ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in the ratio of 3:1 for our bodies to absorb
  • Helps with inflammation
  • Lowers the risk of cancer
  • Linoleic acids slow down aging process woop woop!  I put in directly on my skin.
  • Helps increase immunity
  • Balances hormones 
  • Low in carbs and helps to moderate blood sugars (great for diabetics) 
  • It can act as a treatment for dry hair
and so much more!

Read more about hemp oil here. 

To learn more about The 40 Day Green Cleanse email me here. 

In Beauty~
Yve Hart

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What have I done for me lately?

After I completed The 40 Day Green Cleanse, I contemplated in my new found excitement. I asked the universe how can I inspire others on a deeper level to live the most beauty-full life possible, inside and out.

The universe answered my call through multiple clients, family members, and friends. The answer was to guide another powerful cleansing program. It resulted in expanding my career by including more "inner" beauty rituals such as one on one coaching and group cleansing. I asked, the universe responded, and I'm saying YES!

The 40 Day Green Cleanse is scheduled for May and June and filling up quick. Woot woot!

What have you done lately that has been life changing?

Below is a card I intuitively chose, and it's perfect on how I feel about our May Green Team!

Stand for yourself! Stand for one another!

In a group setting, we take a stand for one another. We have a safe place to hold ourselves accountable and share celebrations and struggles.

Day in and day out we are following through on our original intentions while being witnessed by our fellow team members. Group energy can help us overcome the challenges that may seem impossible to overcome on our own.

And, being part of a team is a blast!

In my world, cleansing is not just a fast track to lose weight. The 40 Day Green Cleanse program is intended to clear the way towards shedding more than just extra pounds in your life.

It is designed to bring strong creative energy to make enormous shifts by shedding unwanted energetic layers and old pattern that hide your powerful, creative, and authentic self.

For me, cleansing has brought better health, self love, self esteem, connection to my creativity while living an authentically joyful life; A life full of beauty.

It is about forgiving ourselves when we have been neglecting ourselves; It's about reconnecting ourselves and becoming lighter and more energized to move forward with ease and joy.

It is so exciting for me to be a witness of the transformations that will occur during this experience of cleansing while being a part of a group. You will know what I'm talking about when you see it happen in another!

When you sign up for The 40 Day Green Cleanse, you will be part of the secret Facebook page where I will share more detailed information, a shopping list, menus, a list of green foods, and recipes. There is also 4 group coaching calls on this journey!

Why attempt this alone when you don't have to. Cleansing could be extremely challenging and lonely when attempted solo.

This is an opportunity to love yourself deeper.

Email me for more information.

And, connect to The 40 Day Green Cleanse on Facebook

In Beauty,

Yve Hart

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

from ugly duckling to beauty~

When I was a small child I would always admire my mother's beauty.  I would gaze at her beauty with awe and hopes that one day I can be that beautiful.  But, I intuitively knew that her outer beauty did not match how she felt on the inside.   

I wondered what beauty really was.  My mother struggled with her inner battles and self esteem.  Her struggle would influence me growing up.  Is that why I felt like an ugly duckling?   I didn't know who to turn to for an example of a powerful role model. 

Below: Sister Susan (right) Our mother Vivian, and me (left)

How could my mother teach me self love if she never practiced that herself?   This has been my greatest challenge and biggest blessing. 

I have taken many wrong turns, but I learned that beauty is an internal devotion to self.  It is being "selfish" and taking time to honor my deepest desires and to take time to spend with myself.   It is balancing my family life, work life, and my private life so I can truly be happy and whole.

 It was the willingness  to unveil  false layers so my authentic beauty so it could rise up to the surface.     Beauty was learning to let go and love my mother in all of her imperfect perfections.  In that, I allow to love myself without judgments. 

Self image was also important and was a reflection of my inner dialogue; it was a catalyst to my self-esteem.   It works in harmony as a creative force for who I am.   Taking care of my outer body temple is an honor.  And, I am grateful to help others in co-creating an image that makes them feel ALIVE. 

In the darkest moments,  I discovered all the tools I needed to help me in the revelation of my authentic self.  These tools I use now to coach others who are in the journey of self-discovery.

I became coach that I am today by reconnecting to my self worth and beauty during my darkest times as that ugly ducking.   I thank my mother for being that reflection of where I needed to learn and grow in my own way.  I now help my clients as an Art of Beauty coach and image consultant by guiding them to live in beauty; Inside and out.                                      

Beauty is and always will be who I am.  Beauty is and always will be who you are too!

We do not need to find beauty. 

All we have to do is remember we are beauty!

The 40 Day Green Cleanse was a devotion dedicated to self.  I waited until I was done breastfeeding and I couldn't wait to give myself the gift of cleansing and self care.  Especially when I saw the ugly duckling coming back in from months and months of sleep deprivation that led to lack of self esteem and some other issues.      I needed to stand in my radiance and breathe in my power again.  My brain fog lifted and energy came back.  My hormones felt balanced once more.  I felt alive again!

As a result of my inner and outer work,  I finally feel I have landed back into my radiant body again 19 pounds lighter in 40 days!

Now, I can give more of my beauty to my son, my family and my clients and the world!

Self love is beautiful and priceless and can influence your children for a lifetime.   I am honored to be guiding 2 groups  May 21st and June 3rd on The 40 Day Green Cleanse.

Would you like to join us? 

Please email me for more info.  

In Beauty,
Yve Hart

* I started The 40 Day Green Cleanse almost 11 months after I gave birth and was finished nursing.  

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fierce 40!

After I completed my program- The 40 Day Green Cleanse,  I was jumping with joy with the flood of responses I received from the last blog post 40 days of self lovin'.  The many responses were from people interested in accomplishing what I accomplished for myself.  I am wholeheartedly dedicated to helping all these individuals because I believe in the power of cleansing.   

I received e-mail after e-mail from inspired individuals requesting to join the next Green Team!  Due to the amount of responses and interest, I have decided to add an extra starting dates to the cleanse.    Now, we have a team in May and one in June!  

Getting my game on!
Why did I need a cleanse to feel this this amazing and look this good?  Internally there was an inner ROAR to get my game on!   I wanted to feel and look amazing and embrace my "new" image. 

 I am FIERCE at 40 years young and lovin' it!

Below is a picture of me right before I became pregnant with my son RaYa.  The picture beside it was taken 4 months after the birth of my son.   During that time, I felt tired, heavy, disconnected from self, and not so fierce.  Nevertheless, I loved myself and was hopeful and optimistic that I would once again be that radiant woman walking confidently on the beautiful beaches feeling alive full of energy.   I could not wait to shower myself with more time and energy for self lovin'. 

Almost 11 months later I was able to start The 40 Day Green Cleanse.  (see pic below) Besides cleansing my body of toxins and losing excess body weight,  I gained the ability to focus on creating a conscious connection to self and the energy to redirect my life in the most aligned and inspired  new way.  After all, I am reborn again!

I completely believe in the power of taking care of yourself because it allows to fully give yourself to others.  I now find myself giving all of "me" to my son and my husband because I have been giving fully to myself. 

 I am dedicated to serving as an example for my son by showing him that Mommy takes good care of herself so she can be the best Mom for him; But that doesn't stop him from challenging me to stay true to myself.    When I find myself in those times of making that difficult choice of putting my needs to the side to cater to him, I think about the example I'm being for him and the importance of lovin' self.  I have seen too many cases where "mom" fully gives to her family, and in the process puts here needs to the side.  I became so excited when I received interest from mothers and fathers requesting to join the team!

 I hope that we can all pave the way for our children and future generations.  

Would you like to lose weight,  feel amazing, look radiant, and connect to your personal stream of aliveness again?

In beauty,
Yve Hart

For more info please:

Join the facebook Fan Page to keep connected and share with your loved ones. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

40 days of self lovin'~ The 40 Day Green Cleanse

I feel radiant!  I just finished The 40 Day Green Cleanse and feel amazing.   There are so many diets and cleanses out there; it is so fun to find the right one at the perfect time when my body and soul was nudging for some healing and self lovin' practices.   I could not wait to start!

I am excited to share with you all my transformation pictures below.  Sometimes it helps to see the physical transformation that took place in my body.  Take a look at the layers that I shed!  Most importantly, the transformation also occurred on the inside.  I am now souring in absolute clarity, high natural energy,  and radiance!  I am certain that cleansing with intention in combination with a self lovin' ritual is one of the most powerful experiences that I've had.  I dedicated this special time to me and nourishing parts of me that wanted to be seen and expressed and released.  Especially, after a baby!  I felt my body took a beating with all those sleepless nights.

I am able to do more fitness classes,  more yoga, more creative time for me, more play time with Raya and more home cooking; all this is possible because of my increase in energy.  Not to mention more time to create my new coaching practice.  This new found energy came effortlessly and before, it felt like I was using my reserve energy to exhaustion.   

Here is proof :) if ya need it.
Cleansing is not just about the food and the changes that occur in the body.  Cleansing gives us the opportunity to set an intention that can bring about realizations for everlasting change while developing healthier eating habits.  It also gives us the opportunity to create community and help others going through their powerful transformation.  The weight that is shed is just the cherry on top! 

I have led many cleanses in the past.  And, I have been asked many times over to guide a cleansing group once again.  This cleanse has given me the realization that I'm ready to say YES!   I am an example of the changes that can occur when you make the decision to cleanse with an intention.  My desire to help transform lives by guiding people through an intentional cleanse rose to the surface of my awareness and I can't wait to get started.

More on The 40 Day Green Cleanse: visit my blog post
In Beauty,
Yve Anumi Hart

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

40 days of GREEN

Good health is contagious! 

I recently started The 40 Day Green Cleanse and I'm thrilled to say that I'm now at day 26!   I have always known the joy and power that comes with  a yearly "Spring Cleaning"; there's a vibrant feeling to my home, my body, my spirit, and my mind.  Most of all, I have the presence and energy to discover and prepare delicious foods that fulfill my palette.

Check out some of my meals to the left.  I named my favorite green sushi dish "Green Goddess" that also uses the "Perfect Pesto" recipe replacing rice to hold everything together. 

This year has been about honoring the changes in my body as my son RaYa came into the world.  My body went through some great challenges as it adapted to the needs of my son.  I ended up weighing 204+ pounds by the end of my pregnancy. WOW!   Even when my son was born, my body worked overtime to nourish his needs. This was only the beginning of the next challenging phase.  My body belonged to RaYa for 9 more months after delivery giving him all the nutrients I had left.   Night after sleepless night ended up depleting my body of self care and rest. 
I knew what cleansing would do for me!  An intentional intentional cleanse brings about powerful transformations from the inside out.  Have you ever cleansed your body, mind, and spirit with the use of vibrant foods?

If not, I highly recommend it!   

Rest in peace

Good health is an extremely important aspect to a thriving life!  These last 2 weeks I have found it impossible not to think about the recent deaths that have occurred in our community.  I have danced, laughed, and been inspired by these passionate individuals that have passed.   Even though I don't know all the facts of their death,  they are helping me embrace my own health to a higher level. 

In fact, I am nudging my beautiful friends, family, and community to take good care of themselves and live a more balanced life.  There was a time in my life when I was out of balance and I brought myself back again and again through cleansing, intention, self love and awareness.   

Sometimes, it just takes a loving word or two from a loved one to change your lifestyle; it certainly doesn't mean you have to give up dancing, laughing, or enjoying life.  In fact, look at how we partied with the green food on the cleanse (left).   This was our juice bar.  I was a blast having people over for brunch and eating only green food and juice; what a conversation piece!  People left feeling energized and consumed by love, laughter  and friendship. 

Health is contagious!  Take care of your precious life.  We are in this body temple to honor and cherish it.  You are loved by so many people.  Your life is important to even the people that only know you by your face and your energy; and that is wholeheartedly true.

A green toast to a more vibrant life!
Yve Hart

aho! aha!

~Looking for inspiration on cleansing.  Or perhaps you would like to join the next The 40 Day Green Cleanse.   Email me for more info

~ AND, I am so proud of our "GREEN TEAM"!  WAY TO GO~  We are almost there!!

Friday, February 14, 2014


The journey to Re-Birth Self in January was a calling from within  to find a reconnection to my inner child (intuitive/CreaTive self).  This integration is one of the most important things I can ever do in my life.  Working with my inner child is not new to me.  But, I did lock her up in the closet for a while.  This time around I had a good reason to put "Lolita" to the side; I had just given birth to RaYa and "Lolita" would understand right?  My logical mind took over after months and months of sleep deprivation.

What inner child?

After my amazingly delightful reconnection to Lolita in Tulum, I ask how do I profess my love for her while keeping the balance in my life back at home?   Daily, I tune in and see what that joyous, innocent, tender part of me wants to communicate.  I spend time caring and nurturing myself but also dancing, drumming, singing, CreaTing just for the fun of it!   I tune in to life.  It is not a 3D world when we are in full force.  It is muli-dimentional!  In Tulum I purchased a crazy little creature toy to gift "Lolita" and it reminds me that everyday is a magical day whenever my inner child is acknowledged!  With this integration I am in perfect alignment to receive messages from spirit and be in the flow of life!

Tonight's Full moon (February 14th, 2014) is in Leo and it is all about tuning into our inner child and being FULLY YOU!  Are you having a tantrum today because its Valentines Day and you're spending it by yourself?  Or are you skipping down the street holding hands with your "Lolita" experiencing the playful nature of being joyfully silly?   I know that if I didn't spend 7 days on retreat and ignored my inner calling because of logical minded financial fears or "the right thing to do as a mama", I would be sitting here resentful and without energy.  The love for myself is NUMBER ONE!   My CreaTive fire has been re-ignited by simply reconnecting to the child within me and therefore having a love affair with source!   Read more about the full moon here!  What is your inner child saying? 

My world does NOT revolve around my son or my husband~  
Yes, I said it.  My own conscious connection to Spirit and alignment to my inner child is the foundation for having a happy life; it is my life force and keeps every aspect of my life in balance.   ENLIGHTENMENT is about being in light or "lightening" up.  Be light.  Be joyous.  Be in the FLOW of life.  Be your true self.  My son and husband are having so much fun Co-Creating with me and there is so much more of me to share with them!  And so much more to CreaTe in this magical life of mine!

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant, we have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."~Albert Einstein.  

This quote reminds me to stay in balance!

Yve Hart
                                                                  great fun in Tulum
                                                              Lolita loves Sleepy Sheeepy
                                                    Lapis Lazuli Jaguar Warrior, a gift to
                                                            my sacred partner (Razmus)
                                         and a red pouch for me to hold my magical findings.
                                                          Dancing with the Goddess
                                                           Play time with the girls!
                                                     Forever in my hearts ladies! AHA~

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Re-birthing SELF

I pressed the "reset", ready, set, GO! 

I was in steamy darkness, my body dripping with sweat, and I am curled up with my nose touching the damp earth.  My heart was racing faster than a drum beat, and I felt secure, afraid, alone, surrounded by love, confused, held and protected.   "Am I on fire?", I asked myself.  The voices were loud like the sound of birth, death, celebration, fear, excitement, orgasm, and other-wordly vibrations that I could not identify.  

 I was exactly where I needed to be. 

"Earth my body, water my blood,  Air my breath,  and fire my spirit!"; the words of the Temazcalero (shaman) singing in the "hot womb".   Interestingly enough, the female voices from within surpassed his (the shamans) voice and we gently filled up "our" own womb space with a feminine, gentle touch.  A new "me" passed through the dark tunnel and was born from within the fire and darkness. This Temazcal (sweat lodge) experience was a rebirth for me.  It was the beginning of my new life!

When I am crystal clear with my intentions, it the universe always supports me! 

My re-birth journey to Tulum was full of adventure.  As well as a perfect balance of discipline, intention and ceremony.  My days included kundalini yoga, nature, ritual, Chinese tea ceremony, Dream Crafting, and on our last night Temazcal Ceremony (a synchronistic re-birth ceremony) to top it off.   Not to mention, I got to be off the grid in one of the most amazing places in the world with 8 other magnificent women who were all a new gift and mirror for me.  Since I am the Co-CreaTress of my world, this trip was necessary for me to align with the FIERCE TRUTH of my existence and what is next in my magnificent life.  This escape to re-align with my new dreams was necessary for me, my husband, and my nine month old boy, RaYa.  This journey was a calling to my soul and I had no fear of taking this journey on my own to be the best version of "me" for me and everyone!   (Well, maybe I had a day of old crappy fear and guilt!)  Have you ever heard a pull so strong and so clear that you couldn't ignore it?

What did my son RaYa think of all this?  I just kept telling him that Mama is going away to bring all of us something very special. I had no idea what that was though!   I knew that the attention and love I wholeheartedly gave to my son had to be balanced.  I had put myself to the side (just for a bit) while giving all of my love and attention to my boy.   Of course!  Although, A re-balancing was needed. I would communicate this to my son (also telepathically) and RaYa understood.  My journey lasted 7 days and I really got to touch those sensitive areas in my life where I needed to FULLY let go.   I started listening to ALL of me; Including my inner child.  My inner-child had been begging to express herself.  The inner-child has the power to sabotage our lives if we don't satisfy it's needs BTW!  "Lolita" (my beloved inner crazy, young, soul child) loves to play and create!  Without her those mindless, magical, crazy and playful experiences wouldn't exist in my life!

It does make sense that my CreaTive pull to get moving was a beckoning call to be still with self, nurture, listen, and start Co-CreaTing again with all parts of me.  All in tune to my new vibration and vision. There is more JUICY love and joy here for all of us!  AND MORE FUN!

In Juicy LOVE,
Yve Hart


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The tunnel

RaYa is born.  The most amazing moment of my life just had happened!  My husband is overwhelmed by my courage and strength and I am feeling like I have triumphed! I AM WOMAN!  I AM MOTHER!  OUR SON IS FINALLY HERE!   WOW.  Yeah~  We were definitely on TOP of the world after the birth of our firstborn son RaYa, in April 2103.

 He is a miracle!

Then, it happened.  How did we go from heart gushing love and joy to overwhelming night after night of sleep deprivation and stress??  Those first few months were the most challenging yet.  I had just overcome my turbulent rite of passage in my pregnancy and overcame the darkest of nights.   I dove deep into the untouched corners of my soul and emerged resilient, transformed, and was gifted the best gift ever.  The gift of the most amazing son and magical memory of our unforgettable birth experience.  But, again I sank.  It wasn't  that I didn't absolutely love my son.  "I" was almost no where in the equation.  My son's survival was based on my ability to perform the everyday mundane tasks of a new mama.  Over and over and over and over.  I got it.  I got it.  I got it.

Is this what motherhood is about?   I didn't imagine it like this at all.  I was in a complete fog; A walking zombie.  I was  filled with a bunch of that great feeling oxytocin from all the breastfeeding I was doing constantly.   The  L O V E  I have for my son kept me alive and sane.  The best advice people told me (and I heard a LOT of it), was "This too shall pass" and " It gets easier".  And,  it did.   But, the last month the physical pain overwhelmed me.  My neck, back, and ribs were all out of alignment and my body was screaming!   I felt like my very "old" friend TMJ was back.     It was worth every minute staying home to breastfeed RaYa and watch him grow.  It was so important to us that I set my 20 year business aside as well as the community work and events that I loved so much.    (When RaYa turned 6 months old I started working at my "Yve for Hair and Make Up" twice a week) But, now my body was speaking loud and clear and I needed to listen.   Is there more I needed to express?


Perhaps I was in the tunnel waiting to be reborn?   I am glad I see this clearly for myself and I honor the cycles this life has offered me in the past and now to be able to move through this delicate process once again.  This re-birth is the biggest one yet!    Now, it is MY time.  First, I need to CreaTe some space for myself to completely emerge as a the "new me".  What do I want to Co-CreaTe now in this new opportunity that has opened up for me.  How do I wish to move forward from this moment on as a magnetic, powerful, Co-CreaTress individual and be the best mother I can be to my son?   I am yearning to express myself in a new way with all my new blessings in my life.   This is very exciting and important to my soul on what I will CreaTe next and offer the world once again.    Have you ever had a burning desire to be re-born again? 

How can I do this?  Well, 17 years ago I saw a show on Oprah.  The psychologists that were part of the show gave wonderful advice to new mothers and  I took their advice to heart.  They absolutely exclaimed the importance of taking time to yourself (1-2 weeks a year) for peace of mind and rejuvenation to be the best mother/woman possible for her family, friends,  community,  and the world.  That is the gift I promised myself If and when I became a mother.  The time is now!  I booked myself a trip to the Mayan Riviera (The Vortex of Tulum) on Saturday January 11, 2014!!!  This is my Re-Birth Retreat and I will be enjoying my intention of Re-birthing self in a sacred way.  Tea ceremony, Kundalini yoga, Temazcal Ceremony, meditation, writing, dreaming, full Moon, cenotes, pyramids,  and sacred sites and wonderful new women friends.  What will happen on such a magical journey of the soul?

I will miss you immensely my son, RaYa.  I must do this to find my "I" for you,  for me, for dad,  for us!

Your mother that adores you...
Yve Hart

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