Friday, November 22, 2013

Inspired by your story

I cant believe it has been more than 7 months since I've been writing my birth story?  This post is just an intro. My story has been rewritten at least 100 times!  I am not a writer, so I have to tell myself it's not gonna be perfect.   But, my birth experience was perfect, easy, blissful, super conscious, natural, and magical.  Not many people really believe me when I share about how out~of~this~world and effortless the birthing was.  For a birth that is!  So, I'll take you to the truth of how I got there with this intimate blog series.   In my story, I will share the unbelievable journey of how much I rejected the thought of motherhood, and feared pregnancy and children.   I will share my challenging journey through the muck and darkness to be able to celebrate how I have arrived here in this empowered place as a woman.  During the obscurity and doubt, I still held on to the vision of a sacred and conscious birth.  It is not only about birthing babies,  But the process of RE-BIRTHING myself into a more amazing, powerful, and proud woman and mother! 

Have you ever worked hard year after year to get to a certain place?  Perhaps, feeling it was soooo far away you might never, ever get there?  Well, this was an inner journey of over 20 years composed of many spiritual deaths and re-births.  I provided myself with what I needed to learn and grow as stronger woman.  Mentors, workshops, reading, love, compassion, forgiveness, life!   Although, I felt alone in my vision of how I ultimately wanted my pregnancy and birth.  I held my vision clearly of a sacred, natural, and conscious birth while most of the world kept birthing in hospitals and trusting others more than their own heart, gut, body and intuition.  That is FAR from what I envisioned for 20 years plus! ( Click here if you dare to familiarize yourself with what I was dreaming about ) And, just to be clear, I believe deeply that anyone can birth in a hospital (or anywhere) and still have it be conscious and powerful.  Although, a hospital birth was never part of my vision.    
Gratefully, I connected to the incredible and inspiring stories that were shared from our local community of women just in time. Yeah....just 3 stories can really be powerful!  I personally know these amazing women which made it seem so much more attainable.   These few, but powerful and personal threads, were what helped me stay connected to what I always knew the birthing process to be.  It linked me personally to the strength of each woman who was breaking the paradigm of how the majority of people view birth in our current times.  Our story continues weaving the web. 

Are we capable of transforming the majority of our world's fears and doubts of birthing into an initiation of CreaTion, beauty, and grace?   Wouldn't that be amazing to exchange the insecurities that dwell in a woman's heart; for trust and self assurance?  Conscious birthing can empower ourselves, our family, and community.   Can we improve the quality of human kind by improving our birth practices? 

My wish as a woman is to inspire other women to connect and tune in to every part of her ~sacred journey~ and continue weaving a web of bringing in our children to a world of love, safety and consciousness. 

( also share her story).

Connect to other amazing and inspiring birth stories now and thank me later! 
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