Monday, February 11, 2013

Calling in our Child

Two Harts birthing into 3

The process of finally becoming ready and "calling in our child" was a very long journey for the two of us. We both spent many years overcoming the beliefs held with parenting "the old way" and letting go of fears attached to this. One big fear was the limited thoughts of the baby taking away from who we were and the plans we had for each other in business and career. As we stepped more and more into the NEW way of co-creating we aligned ourselves with this amazing being and called this being in January 2012. We offered who we were as individuals and as a loving and supportive partnership to this child. We opened our hearts to give and receive. Immediately following our own private ceremony for our future baby, our life started shifting from that very moment. We suddenly found ourselves in a romantic Hawaiian vacation and after we returned, we moved to a new home. Armando also began to generate possibilities in his career and his business continues to expand. ALL this seemed impossible if we were still in the limited view of thinking like "We don't have enough money" or "We can't afford this." All of these possibilities became a reality with little or no effort. We believe our baby was a co-creator and showed us to not live in doubt.

In Kauai praising the perfection of all life and chanting a special song to our little miracle we have not met yet.  

We are expecting!!! 
On august 8th, we found out we were expecting. When we found out, we both knew how we wanted to bring our child into the world. We both felt that having this baby in a hospital was not part of our ideal vision, although, we are not opposed to one if absolutely needed. We both envisioned having our baby around a non-intrusive, peaceful, drug-free and comfortable environment. During initial research, we found that the majority of the U.S. delivers at the hospital so we felt pulled to research all possibilities.  The more and more we did our research the more we were compelled to go the most natural way possible.  We interviewed many women that had a natural birth and really had a clear and unwavering view on how we wanted our birth experience!  As we felt so empowered by the choice and felt prepared to do whatever it takes to make this a reality.  It is no surprise that many women in our community have also chosen this very path.  Although, there is no right or wrong way and we feel strongly it is every woman's right to choose how and where to deliver.

Support our Vision: 
We are following our baby's teaching that all things are possible! We are wholeheartedly open to receive support from you and we will not stagnate our vision due to social or financial limitations in making our dreams a reality! We are excited to share with you that your support will contribute to our birth plan in having a peaceful, non-invasive, drug free, HART-Space home birth with no interventions wherever possible.

Your contribution will go towards our Doula and guide (Tanya Quinn) , the remaining balance (not covered by insurance) for Beach Cities Midwivery Center (Midwife and birth assistant), Post-Pardom Doula (Jenny Ahn), off time for Yve to breastfeed and bond (as she never has had this personal time away from a career or job since she was 15).  This will also contribute to the Bradley Method classes which teaches us how to prepare for a natural birth,  lactation classes, and a birthing pool and other holistic support.   Hope this will inspire others to reach out when insurance options are limited.

Our home is full of the necessary items in material goods that been handed down from community members and family and we shall honor the cycle of giving and receiving as well passing our items forward once again.

Thank YOU!!!

Yve Hart and Armando Razmus Hart 
(+ baby Hart)

Benefits of a MidWife

Benefits of a Doula

Benefits of a Postpartum Doula

Two amazing inspirational movie trailers below to watch when considering all options of birth.   

"Birth as we know it"
 educational version trailer.....

"The Business of Being Born" Trailer.......

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